Monday, August 18, 2003


Well, here I am. My 1st blog ever. Except for all that testing I've been doing. Not really much to say during my blog and I have absolutely no reason whatsoever in having a blog. I've just seen so many people with blogs I felt left out. So I figured, what the hell.

I guess in essence a "blog" is just a "diary" online. So, does this mean I keep a diary? Hell if I know.

I got the idea of a blog when I was searching for one of my ex-coworkers names online. I had heard she had moved to Chicago, and I was wanting to see what she was doing there and ran across her name in google and it took me to her blog. So here I am.

Will I ever update this blog again. Who knows. It depends on if I have something to say. Who would see it anyway unless someone was specifically searching me out. I can't imagine why tey would do that, and I'm not really sure who I exspect to see this now. anyway until next time if there is one...

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